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GENERALI VeloCity Berlin

Ergometer training for the GENERALI VeloCity Berlin

When it's wet or cold outside, training on an ergometer is a great way to minimise the risk of catching a cold. The modern ergometers with precise watt display offer numerous options for a varied workout on the way to GENERALI VeloCity Berlin.

GENERALI VeloCity 2023: Teilnehmer:innen fahren auf einer Landstraße © SCC EVENTS / Petko Beier

Participants at GENERALI VeloCity 2023.  SCC EVENTS / Petko Beier 

On the ergometer to GENERALI VeloCity Berlin 

Online platforms have various training options in their programme. If you want to pedal more easily or more intensively, you can complete virtual training rides or races with other riders. If you want to train systematically, you can ride pre-set programmes or create your own interval programmes.
In both cases, you should bear in mind that the lack of airstream means less cooling, which results in increased sweat loss. You therefore need to drink considerably more before the ergometer workout. Rule of thumb: your urine must be clear before training. Of course, you should also drink a lot during training.
You should also make sure you have a sufficient intake of carbohydrates before training, as up to 2 g of carbohydrates per kilogramme of body weight per hour can be metabolised during intensive ergometer training. 

Tip: Use sports drinks containing carbohydrates during the ride.

Variety on the roller for your race in Berlin

Mentally, ergometer training sometimes seems more tedious because there are no distractions. 
Music, TV or an online platform can help, but technical exercises such as cadence intervals or pyramids also provide variety.
Outdoors, the load is somewhat more variable, even if you try to ride at a constant load. The route profile and wind require gear changes, downhill or at junctions there are short periods of relief or even short breaks, and after junctions or uphill sections you sometimes ride standing up. If you are constantly seated on the ergometer, the same muscle groups are always working. After a long time, you may even get the impression that exactly the same muscle fibres are always working, which then start to hurt or tend to cramp.

What should you bear in mind during ergometer training? 

  • Keep cool, drink enough
  • Provide variety through music, television or online training
  • Incorporate variation into the programme: Vary the cadence or vary between 190 and 210 W instead of a constant 200 W
  • Vary your sitting position, sometimes ride standing up
  • Short breaks of up to 1 or 2 minutes with dismounting to loosen the muscles (possibly with stretching) do not reduce the training effectiveness
  • Change into dry clothing for long sessions

Reduce training on the ergometer and hit the road

One disadvantage of ergometer training is that your riding technique is not honed. Cycling is much more than just pedalling. It also involves cornering, riding round or over obstacles and descents. It is therefore not expedient to improve your pedalling performance through optimal ergometer training and thus theoretically save a minute if at the same time two minutes are lost in the bends due to a lack of bike control and riding technique and the risk of falling increases. You should therefore not allow training on the ergometer to become an end in itself and reduce it to a minimum.