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Here you will find an overview with answers to frequently asked questions about GENERALI VeloCity Berlin.


For the 60 k age groups from YOB 2008 and older are eligible to participate. Age groups from YOB 2006 and older can participate in the 100 K race.

The change to another distance is possible as long as the participation limit has not yet been reached. Please contact us with your change request via the contact form.
Please note: For the change we charge a processing fee of 5 €. In addition, you have to pay the difference of the currently valid price level of the new distance.



  • A team registration for GENERALI VeloCity Berlin is possible for min. 5 to max. 8 persons. Each team member needs a separate user account for the registration.
  • The team registrant starts his registration and selects "create a team" in the registration process and enters a team name. A TEAM code is sent with the registration confirmation, which can be passed on to 7 other team members.
  • Each team member starts their own registration and selects "join a team by code" in the registration process and enters the TEAM code there.
  • Please note: The entire team starts from the same starting block. In this case, the lowest average speed is used as the reference. 
  • A start from a starting block can only be guaranteed if you register by the end of the official registration period, but not in a possible late registration phase.
  • A registered team with less than 5 team members will be changed to individual registrations after the registration deadline. 
  • To join an existing team at a later date, please contact us via the contact form, stating the team code and the team name.


This insurance is to cover the participation fee that you have paid at the time of registration. Booked additional services are excluded from the insurance. Please inform yourself HERE about the coverage of insured cases.
Any additional services booked, except for donations and insurance, will be reimbursed by us.

The insurance can only be booked directly at the time of registration and not subsequently.

More information about the insurance

Before the start

Everything about the GENERALI VeloCity Berlin EXPO HERE.

You will receive your race material by presenting your start card (you will receive it by e-mail approx. 7-10 days before the event) and a photo ID.

With an power of attorney, a copy of the Start Card and the photo ID, the pick-up is also possible for other persons.

The start documents will be handed out during the GENERALI VeloCity Berlin EXPO 

  • Saturday, 3rd August 2024 from -10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

on the Straße des 17. Juni, between Siegessäule and Brandenburger Tor.

With a power of attorney, a copy of the Start Card and the Photo- ID, the pick-up is also possible for other persons.

The start and finish area is on the Straße des 17. Juni between the Siegessäule and the Brandeburger Tor.

The train stations "Hauptbahnhof" and "Potsdamer Platz" are located near the start.
Please note that your race number does not replace the travel ticket for you and your bike.
There are NO parking spaces available at the EVENT site.

If you plan to get there by car, please note that there are no parking spaces available and there will be traffic disruptions due to the closures of the race track.

The participant entrance is ONLY via Paul-Löbe-Allee. Access via the EXPO area is NOT possible.

The allocation is based on the average speed indicated during registration. This information can be changed in the user account under "My registrations" until July 12, 2024 at the latest. We will inform you about the allocation to the starting block with your Start Card (you will receive it by e-mail approx. 7-10 days before the event).

All riders of a team start will start from the same starting block. This block will be assigned acording to the lowest registered average speed.

A start from a starting block can only be guaranteed if you register by the end of the official registration period, but not in a possible late registration phase.

Afterwards changes of the starting block are not possible.

Do you feel more comfortable in a starting block consisting only of women? Then decide for the women´s starting block. 

Simply line up in the designated women´s starting block on the day of the event or select it in advance in the course of your registration. 

Also our "little ones" will get their chance on Saturday. You can find more information → HERE

Please refer to the regulations under "Bicycle and accesories".


If you have selected the "clothing drop-off" option during registration, you can drop off your clothes before the start.

Please note that you can only drop off your clothes in the transparent clothing bag that you will receive at the handing out of the race material.
For logistical reasons a drop-off without prior booking is not possible. 

On the Sunday of the event there will be a bike service on site for the last little checks before the start. 

Please note: The Service Point can only be used if the event site is from the north entered.


Toilets and changing areas (m/d/w) will be available at the start and finish area and at the refreshment stations. There are no shower options at the event. 


During the race

The minimum average speed for the 60 km is 23km/h

The minimum average speed at the 100 km is 25km/h

We offer the following refreshments:

  1. Start: small pre-start refreshment point (water, fruit).
  2. 60 km course: a *refreshment point at km 30- fill up cups or bottles, ISO drink from Dextro, fruit. 
  3. 100 km course: a *refreshment point at km 60 -  fill up cups or bottles, ISO drink from Dextro, fruit.
  4. Finish: water, ISO Drink from Dextro, gel or a bar from Dextro, fruit, tea if necessary and Erdinger Alkoholfrei. 

*Here you can get off your bike for a short while, shake out your legs and catch your breath.

You do not have the option to change the distance during the race. 


All participants are obliged to dispose of their own waste and empty drinking bottles exclusively at the refreshments stations on the course or after the finish. 


Please help your fellow riders in case of a fall and warn other participants. As in normal road trafic please call 112.

Make sure you get out of the danger zone as quickly as possible or do not pose a danger on the course yourself. If possible, move to the side of the road in case of a fall. 


The wearing of a cycling-specific crash helmet is mandatory. The crash helmet must be made of solid material and must bear a test seal from an internationally recognised test centre sus as TÜV or SNELL. Other helmets such as ice hockey, equestrian, motorbike or airbag helmets are not permitted. 

 If a violation is observed, the participant will be disqualified.


Sound carriers of any kind or ear coverings that can negatively influence acoustic perception and thus the ability to react in road traffic or in competition (e.g. MP3 players, mobile phones, headphones, earplugs) are prohibited. 


Important information about the course, especially on danger points, can be found in our interacive map, which we update regularly.

The time limit for 60 km is 3 hours. The 100 km must be completed within 3:45.

After the race

Absolutely! All finishers, within the time limit, will receive an exclusive medal. 


It is a disposable transponder that does not have to be returned. 


Lost property will be collected at the Info Point during the event weekend. All lost property that is not collected on site will be held at the SCC-Events office. If you are missing something, pelase contact us by e-mail and provide us with a description of your lost item. 


You can view your result as well as download your certificate and your personal photos via the result list on the event website of GENERALI VeloCity Berlin under the menu item RESULTS.


For the team classification, a distinction is made between the types of teams and the distance ridden. This results in the following team scores for each route:

  1. Men´s team ranking
  2. Women´s team ranking
  3. Mixed Team ranking

In the team classifications, the fastest 5 team members of each team will be scored.

If two teams have the same time, the better place of the first rider per team decides the placing- 

More information about the classification can be found in the regulations.